Hardwood Conservatory & Orangery After Care

At every stage in the design process we recognise that consistent, easy maintenance is of paramount importance. Consequently the roofs and gutters of all Hampton Conservatories are completely maintenance free and the timber elements are easily maintained.

We recommend the simple steps in the following link to ensure your Conservatory/Orangery always looks it’s best: http://www.hamptonconservatories.co.uk/hamptonconservatoriescoukbrochures/planning/

We maintain a database detailing the specification of every component in each conservatory that we install, so that obtaining a replacement part is quick and easy.

Hampton Maintenance Service

Hampton Conservatories understands that your Conservatory/Orangery is a long-term investment so, for future convenience, we offer an in-house Maintenance Service, which ensures that you can keep your building in pristine condition.

By entering into an on-going maintenance contract, you will receive a yearly visit from the Hampton’s maintenance team, who will carry out a thorough inspection and service of your room. This will be based on a comprehensive checklist created specifically for your particular installation. Any work required will, where possible, be carried out during the initial visit. If additional materials or time are required to complete, then we will arrange another visit.

All our technicians are trained and employed solely by Hampton’s, so have an extensive knowledge of our products and manufacturing techniques, as well as many years of experience installing and taking care of our conservatories. A maintenance contract, with us, will give you long-term peace of mind and the knowledge that your investment is being properly cared for, year after year, without you having to worry about organising annual maintenance.

The following is a complete list of what we do, each year, when you employ us to maintain your conservatory/orangery. Once this work has been completed, you can look forward to relaxing and enjoying your room, safe in the knowledge that we will be back again next year to care for it.

When the service technician arrives, he will start by cleaning the conservatory. Once this is completed he will inspect and carry out all remedial work following a comprehensive internal and external checklist.

Clean down

  • Remove any black/green grim and residues which have built up on powder coated aluminium roof trims, ridge capping, cresting, finials, flashings, gutters and downpipes
  • Comprehensive internal cleaning of perimeter gutters and hard to reach box gutters, leaving them pristine and ready for detailed joint inspection.
    Careful washing of roof glass.
  • Washing of side frames, door and opening sash rebates with a mild detergent to expose any open joints or other areas which are in need of attention.

External care

  • Inspect roof trims and seals for damage and check seals for alignment and pressure contact to glass
  • Inspect roof glass for damage and evidence of breakdown
  • Plug and test perimeter and box gutters for leaks. Remove plugs and repair any joints showing signs of breakdown
  • Check and adjust doors and opening sashes for alignment and ease of operation
  • Inspect all joints for signs of opening. Clean out, fill, sand, prime and repaint where required
  • Inspect frames, doors, sashes, cills, pilasters and frieze for signs of paint breakdown. Touch up or sand back, prime and repaint where required

Internal care

  • Dismantle all door locking systems, oil and grease moving parts and reassemble
  • Clean and inspect seals in doors and opening sashes for damage and check for alignment and pressure contact to door / sash. Replace where required
  • Check and adjust where necessary door and window hardware
  • Insect rafter joints and where required clean out, fill, sand, prime and repaint any open joints
  • Check operation of roof vents
  • Clean down the woodwork on the side frames
  • Inspect all joints in frames, doors, sashes, cillboards, pilasters, panelling and where necessary clean out, fill, sand, prime and repaint any open joints